Q.      Do you supply indivuals / one-man-businesses as well?


Absolutely! We aim to serve ALL sectors in the Namibian market.  From industrial manufacturers and retailers to the smallest one-man-business.

Q.      What are the range of labels you supply or manufacture.


We carry stock of various sizes of various materials.  These items can be bought as is, or you can request a one color overprint on these blank labels.  The minimum quantities that apply to these are mostly based per roll of a 1000 labels.


Another popular product are various sizes of "thermal" labels which are used mostly on scales for the butchery and fresh produce sector.


Fully customised labels, in terms of size, shape, quantity, colors as well as material options are frequently required.

Q.      What does a custom label cost?


This is probably the most difficult to answer.  Reason for this is because it all depends on:

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Colors
  • Type of material & finish


The most important factor is the size of the label and obviously the quanitity required.  The bigger the QUANTITY, the cheaper the unit price becomes.

Q.      Is digital printing not the future of printing method?


No and Yes! Digital printing has become more economical over the last few years, but wil basically never be able to compete with flexo and litho printing costs.  There is and always will be a need for both methods. 

Digital is more economical with small volumes and obviously origination changes. 

Flexo is STILL the preferred and most economical printing method for higher volumes.

Q.      Is there a minimum order quantity?


In short: NO! However, we would rather like to refer to it as an "economical" quantity.  Especially if new printing plates and cutting dies or other tooling is required, a low volume will NOT be economical at all.

To give a benchmark, an economical quantity will be approximately 150 square meters.

Q.      What are the steps & lead time for label printing?


The steps are simple and is listed as follows:

  • Supply artwork or request artwork from our designing department.
  • Indicate the size and shape required.
  • It is important to disclose information of your container or other forms of packaging.  This is important for us to advise the best possible adhesive and material for your product.
  • Inform us if the label will be hand- or machine applied.
  • Indicate your required quantity
  • We will then submit an official quote including options on various quanities as well as additional once off charges such as prin
  • ting plate-, cutting die, or other tooling cost required..
  • Once the artwork is approved, it will take approximately 1 week for the printing plates to arrive.
  • Should the plates be in our possesion, depending on the quantity ordered, delivery will take no longer than 48 hours.
  • Repeat orders will thereafter ONLY take 48 hours.


Q.      Are payment terms available?


We do offer 30 terms based on your credit rating.

Click below to download our credit application:














Should you have ANY additional questions or require additional information, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us!



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